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About the artist

Pinstriping on a Chevy Truck
Lettering on Hot Rod
Pinstriping at the Grand National Roadster Show
"Learn the rules like a pro so you can break them like an Artist."
-Pablo Picasso


My name is Angela and I am a self-taught Pinstriper, Sign Painter and Graphic Artist from San Diego, CA. 


I have been Pinstriping for over 14 years, but my art career goes way beyond the pinstriping. I started drawing when I could barely hold a pencil. My parents quickly got me a "doodle board" so I would stop drawing on the walls. I took art classes all through grade school, and graduated from the Art Institute in 2008 with a Bachelor Degree for Graphic Design. I discovered Pinstriping while in college, and began teaching myself and practicing in my spare time. People started asking me to pinstripe their vehicles, and when I began excelling in the Pinstripe and Lettering industry, I began investing more time into my own business!


All of my Pinstripe and Lettering work is freehand and custom. I will paint on any surface, from cars, motorcycles, bicycles, and boats to mail boxes! I can also do custom signage, including wedding signage. Contact me at (619) 208-5451 if you have a project in mind. Also, look for me at local car shows! 

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